Strip Club Chronicles Pt. 1

Me and my friends, well at least the ones that I like the most, fully enjoy all that life has to offer: Strip Clubs.  More than occasionally we end up at a Strip Club while out and about. This is the first collection of some of the funnier/ weirder things that have happened while we […]

To cut or not to cut

Growing up, you have to go through a lot in order to learn about yourself. Now, some of the more awkward things to learn about are usually picked up on between parents (good ol’ birds and bees story) and things that are told to you from friends growing up (those are usually the stories that […]

A Tutti Frutti New Year

I have always had this glamorous idea of New Year’s Eve in my head ever since I started to really celebrate that holiday. Now, usually I ended up at some house party, drunk off my ass and just sort of hanging out and celebrating the beginning of the New Year half asleep on a couch. […]

Cum at me Bro

As you can probably guess there is a great amount of boredom that the American soldier needs to overcome on deployment.  While have only been deployed a short period of time I am currently waging the war on boredom.  As you can probably also guess being a young male in a place where there is […]

Almost got laid…

  It was time for me to go home, I mean why not; great friends and family, people pay for my booze, and I am guaranteed sex… well most of the time. Friday night TheUncle and I decide to take a few family members out to a nice dinner.  Starts off innocent enough, until me, […]