Cum at me Bro

As you can probably guess there is a great amount of boredom that the American soldier needs to overcome on deployment.  While have only been deployed a short period of time I am currently waging the war on boredom.  As you can probably also guess being a young male in a place where there is an almost zero chance of getting laid ( I say almost zero since there are a few females who, should I say, don’t exactly regard their body as a temple. But I didn’t plan on coming here and catching some third world STD so I stay the fuck away from them. ) might make said young male very horny.  Since there is an abundance of porn here we all watch our fair share, me included.

                Not wanting to be “that guy” I do my buddies a favor and go jerk off in a skank ass porta-potty. (Don’t fucking judge me, I have to get mine) So one evening I ventured off to the porta-potty to get my jerk on.  I go inside and have to hang my flashlight up so people will know someone is in there and they don’t ruin my jerk session. I sit down and turn on my iPod videos, select only the best porn – Backroom Casting Couch. (Side note: If you are the guy that runs that site, the troops salute you.)  I start to get into the full swing of things and it is going very well for me. I’ve selected a video where the girl is getting her F.T.A.F.  That stands for First Time Anal Face, or the face a girl makes when she is getting anal for the first time. (Me and my buddies created that, shirts will soon be available)

 I start to get close to finishing and grab some toilet paper to cum into so I don’t leave a mess, you know because I’m classy.  I get that pre cum feeling, my body starts tingling, the first rope comes out: Success!  That is followed by a second, oh it felt so right. Then right as the third rope leaves my erect penis the door flies open and on the other side of it is standing another soldier. Our eyes meet, as I keep coming and stroking my cock. There was a few more seconds of me coming and us having our eyes locked.  I think he might have been in shock. I saw a part of his soul die right in front of me. There were no words exchanged as he closed the door and I cleaned up my bodily fluids. I got my game face on and left the porta-potty. I still have not found out who it was. Makes me wonder if there will be a case of PTSD where when they ask the soldier why he has he will reply “Because he came at me, bro.”

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