Don’t knock it ’til you try it…

Same as always – MilfHunter and I grab a hotel, and before
going out decide to pre-game in the hotel bar.
We were a few beers in, becoming our normal loud selves and getting the
attention of the 5 other people in this bar.
We are making jokes about pedophiles and this woman next to us is eating
it up.  She ends up giving us her number
and we tell her we will call her when we’re about to leave.

We head back to the room, shower and beat off (not together) (well we did those tasks
together, but we were not together), give BarGirl a call and have her meet us
outside the hotel.

We walk around downtown, going to various bars throughout the night.  After about 3 hours of solid drinking, we all
start talking about sex, BarGirl lets us know that there is not a lot she won’t

Me – “So you’re down with anal?”

BarGirl – “Yup.”

Me – “Deepthroat?”

BarGirl – “ Yup.”

Me – “You swallow?”

BarGirl – “No, no I won’t do that. I spit.”

This does not please me.  I feel if you’re
going to have cum in your mouth why not just swallow it?  It just feels better if you keep sucking
while I cum, but to each their own.

I let her know all of this very loudly, and a group of people at the bar get curious
as to what we are talking about.  I tell
them all that she doesn’t swallow but she’ll do anal. The girls in the group
seem a little taken aback, the guys all laugh except one.  He gets a very serious look on his face and
says this:

Stranger – “I tell girls either in the tummy or on the face.  Spitters are indeed quitters.

Closing time comes, so the three of us head back to the hotel.  I have to piss so bad that I use the public
restroom and tell MilfHunter that I will meet him in the room when I’m
done.  Well after I get out of the
bathroom guess who is standing by the elevator waiting for me? That’s right

We get on the elevator together and have this gem of a conversation on the ride to our

BarGirl – “So do you think your friend would mind if I kept you for a bit?”

Me – “I want to put it in your butt.”

BarGirl –(laughs) “You are so charming.”

We get off on her floor and get to her room and start fooling around. We end up in the
shower and she keeps like… washing my ass.
I end up having this internal battle:

Drunk Me – “Don’t focus on it, youre going to get laid.”

Sober Me – “I don’t like it.”

Drunk Me – “Get your heads in the game.”

Drunk me ends up winning and I just don’t focus on it and get her out of the shower
as quickly as possible.  As I’m drying
off, true to her word, she did deepthroat.
We keep fooling around,  and I end
up on my back, she starts blowing me again, works her way down to my balls,
then next thing you know she is eating out my ass.

Now ladies and gentleman, this was my first and only experience (so far) with this
little sexual experiment, and it felt absolutely amazing.  Everyone knows how hard it is to cum when you
are drunk.  I remember almost cumming
without her even touching my cock while she was doing her thing.  It was very impressive.

We end
up having sex, I finish on her tummy.

Me – “Kind of a combination of the
both huh?”

BarGirl – “ Want to fuck again?”

Me – “No thanks, I’m going back to
my room, I didn’t spend 80 bucks on a hotel room just to fuck you in a different

On the walk back to my room my butt
was very wet. It was a pretty interesting experience, that I enjoyed.  That’s why you don’t knock anything until you
try it.

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